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Introducing Donor Badges!


Well-Known Member, Male, from Kent, UK
Blog Posts:
The forum's servers, radio and so on are provided free of charge to our members, but are not free to run (high-bandwidth downloads hosting really isn't cheap. :(). Currently all of the costs are covered by UKDT's pockets, but if you want to give a little something back, you can set up a monthly...

Comments: 1 Jan 21, 2017

Conversation Improvements


Well-Known Member, Male, from England, UK
Blog Posts:
We've recently implemented a whole load of improvements to how the Conversations system works and operates, whilst also adding some new features that have been requested over the past months since we moved to XenForo. Last Read Date By far the most requested feature to be added to conversations...

Comments: 0 Jan 21, 2017

Housekeeping....? Housekeeping.


Server Administrator, Male, from Canada
Blog Posts:
Evening, It seems like there's a real shin-dig going on here, so I hope you aren't bone-idle enough to put this humerus pun in. Did our design just change... AGAIN!?! It sure did. But that's not all that has changed: New Features: Blogging (What you're reading now! Duh!). Radio (Launching...

Comments: 3 Jan 21, 2017