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Dennis Trident (2002) Sound Mod for C400R 3.0

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Version 3 Dennis Trident Sound Mod for the London Citybus C400R, based on a 2002 model.

New in Version 3.0:

- Improved gearbox, which now acts more like a DIWA 854.3E (Or atlease more like a trident) with upshifts taking place nearer 1500rpm instead of nearer 1100rpm.
- Kickdown now revs the bus to 2200rmp for more fun :)
- Brand new rev noises between 1000-1800rpm
- Tweaked axle noises and retarders
- New turbo noises
This mod recreates the sounds of a 2002 era Dennis Trident on the modern C400R.
There will be two variants, a standard trident and a trident with a sqeaky turbo.

You will need the C400R pack installed previously for the mod to work:
[UKDT] London Citybus 400R

New in Version 2:
- New retarder sounds
- New axle whine noises
- Improved rev noises
- Much louder turbo

New in Version 2.1:
- Tweaked volumes of retarders and axle whines
- Altered the gearbox to allow a retarder present in first gear, preventing the sudden cut off of the retarder when the bus downshifts to second gear. (Thanks to Road-hog123 for the help on this)

The download will not need to rewrite over any files if this is your first installation of the trident mod. If you have version 1.2 installed then you should accept rewriting over all files. A list of files required to be read over is included in the read me.

Do not hesitate to message me with any problems or suggestions. Feedback is welcome.