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E500 MMC Scunthorpe blinds 2018-04-08

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E500MMC by Winsome

Here are the Scunthorpe blinds I showed on Facebook for the E500MMC+Facelift
Update 1.5 is pending with a choice between default orange or white destinations


White: (Pending approval)
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Latest updates

  1. Patch 1.6

    A number of you have highlighted the missing Orange destinations to me. This patch 1.6 fixes...
  2. Added white destinations

    Added the choice between the white and orange destinations

Latest Reviews

orange ones not in the file? and just so u know Lincolnshire was spelt wrong on the board
I'm currently developing a template for these and once that's done I'll be overhauling these but in the interim I'm going to push a fix out for the orange destinations
why i cant find orange hanover in the file?
So sorry about this, a patch is pending approval
Good attempt, If I was you take a look at the Enviro 200 blinds and use them for some support. It kinda looks like Paint has been used but at least we can use working destinations for E500 MMC. All the best Lou.
These were originally done in Helen before compiling with Winsome's E display maker but thanks
Amazing! Love using this bus in game so much now, just because I have blinds for it, it makes it so more realistic. Thank you
thanks for this item!
yes it worked good job