Enviro E200 Arriva Interior Patch

Enviro E200 Arriva Interior Patch 1.0

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Required Downloads
KMB Dennis Enviro 200
About this Download:
This patch removes (almost) all KMB textures and Hong Kong lettering, and replaces them with Arriva branding.

Please Note:
This replaces the original KMB interior for all E200 repaints. As such, any other livery you have installed will be changed to an Arriva interior.

1. KMB Dennis Enviro 200: Dennis Enviro 200 - Omsi 2

2. Voith Soundset (by Tom Walker): 3. Arriva Repaint (By LeedsLad): omsimods

Not to be distributed elsewhere without my permission.
First release
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5.00 star(s) 3 reviews

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Latest Reviews

A fantastic mod for the E200, I'm really liking these new interiors.

Could you do the London bus 2016 interior as seen on the e200mmc & enviro400h city please.
I'll certainly see what I can do!
A great mod, absolutely essential for anyone using this on a uk map. Excillant
Thank you!
Really nice detail in this pack I like the Arriva posters on the windows very realistic. Its great the bus has a much more British feel to it. I would be great to have some of the Cantonese removed from the cab but I know nothing about modelling so this may not be possible! All in all a very nice mod
Thanks for the review! I'll endeavour to see what I can do for the next update of the pack. In this version some of the Cantonse was removed from the buttons and the IBS in-cab, and I'll hopefully be able to remove it all in the next update!