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please please please do some more GNE repaints
Reece Emilio Prime
Reece Emilio Prime
Thanks for you feedback. I will take this into consideration :)
Absolutely splendid! definitely an improvement! :)
Brilliant comes with lots of repaits including an e400 repaint i saw yesterdey.

But my dests dont work for some odd reson but ppassangers still get on
Lovely is the word to describe this excellent mod well done btv
For Keedlestone in Maps
hello,Need help.Dependencies link not working and i dont know why if you can ethier update it or send me a file download thanks.
Repaint is good, as well as the modeling of it. Well done!
Reece Emilio Prime
Reece Emilio Prime
Thank You :)
Hi i love this map and how it uses the E400R EcoLife But one problem how do i get the bus to show the dest on the outside??
may i have these two objects please?

cause i went to the website of yufa's object but i cant find the download page
Looks amazing! and is amazing! this is hands down the best mod for this bus in the UK forums! thank you!
It looks brill but I cant play it due to my PC not being able to access Google Drive. The bus looks awesome! Great work!
Really good. I love it, however i cannot use the Hannover displays ERIC+ machine. (It's all in chinese) . If you could update it with English textures, that would be amazing!
I have converted all that is actually used. All you need to do when you load the bus is click the up and down buttons on the ERIC machine to select the destination.
Once again whiskey! Thanks so much for the pack which my 05 Reg ALX400's can now go into service as New sapphire on the 65!
Thanks, glad you enjoy them!
cant drive it : drive/ hand brake off NOTHING
To select a gear make sure you're applying the footbrake. Then change from neutral into drive.
For Scunthorpe in Maps
good map and one of the best uk based maps
For Keedlestone in Maps
This map is too lit! I love both routes, and it's totally worth the £4.99, the optimization is great, however, I feel that the Snowmare Hilltop Road is too narrow and the passengers complain a lot. I am excited for the new updates!
Not bad. I hope BOTW and Cotterell join at some point
Why i cannot load this map in my omsi2 map list?but i have install this map
Amazing! Can you do a West Coast Motors bus please?
A great base, however, attention to detail is somewhat lacking.

The mod has many great parts, the liveries, the additions to Tom's sound mod as well as the bus being mostly HK free.

However, there are a few quirks which really should've been ironed out before release and should've been spotted by the CC team.

First off, the lit dashboard textures are completely misaligned and aren't even close to being aligned for that matter. The issue can be seen here: - Not the easiest in the dark to see what speed you're going.

Additionally, the indicator sounds are super quiet, perhaps you could increase that in the sound.cfg, and a stop bell sound wouldn't go unnoticed too.

The liveries are fantastic, however the Arriva repaint uses the incorrect fonts. The hanover style displays are fantastic as well as the interior is great, though the posters could be less generic.

Finally, the HK Change box and announcement machine could be removed too since they hold no use for any UK maps, you can do this in the model.cfg if you wanted to go the extra mile.

All in all, it's a fantastic base but it could do with some refining and fine tuning as an update, it definitely makes the bus more usable until there's a proper UK E200 being made, or LL releases his!