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Bang on amazing. The best ALX400 I own.
Best work you've ever released! The detail is superb, it's just s**y.
Thank youu! :)
First, if I see this in video, I think that this is only joke, but if I see it in more videos, so I searching for this and I found. Really fun! xD
Amazing work Sam, another stunning and local repaint for a brilliant bus, well done, cant wait to see what you do next mate :D keep up the great work
Its a Amazing map for new uk drivers for omsi 2 DOWLOAD NOW If you have a gaming pc this map is worth it Good U18 Route I Hope you Make A Airport map for omsi 2
Great bus and everything bus there is no time on the bus and no ibus. Also as this is London spec I expected a 4-speed voith. It also says the bus is a 4-speed voith but in game it's a 3-speed?
For Keedlestone in Maps
Well worth the money! Im a hard customer to please especially with omsi! Gave it a go and very impressed .......main issues is the low bridge, the foreign ai traffic and some signs are confusing to follow route however its very well put out, great scenery and roads the uk roadworks is awesome and different road types so overall a 9/10 well worth a fiver!!
Grab it quickly and drive the 65 very good route, look forward to the updates! :)
Good bus and model which drives really well with good sounds and accurate representation, few minor bugs with passengers entering the bus (walking back towards the doors rather than up the bus, walking in toward going up the bus before stopping for ticket etc, rather than near where driver is)

It'd be nice to see the Citaro K and a RHD Citaro C2 model in the future too.
For Keedlestone in Maps
Best map I have brought in a very long time, yes it needs a few tweaks like modern UK cars and the Ticket file sorting. The best bit is the voices you have to hear to believe they are fantastic. You won't regret spending a fiver here.
Good repaint its worth it
For Keedlestone in Maps
Fantastic Map, will be even better in the next release!
I would recommend this add on, especially because of the low price. You cannot ask for more than that! :D

Great piece of work Fellowslothb
For Keedlestone in Maps
Beautiful, very scenic map with plenty or craking details. Very good work and very recommended.
For Keedlestone in Maps
Amazing map can't wait for further updates and longer and challenging routes, definitely worth the money :)
For Keedlestone in Maps
excellent map this is
For Scunthorpe in Maps
I tried downloading it as a trial because it was on the same left side as Japan, but it is a very good map.
However, there are problems in the bug in some places, in the example it is a hit judgment by 31 brick bridges.
For Keedlestone in Maps
Excellent map - a joy to drive ! There are some defects that have been noted in the Discussion and Support section, but to be honest they don't stop me giving the map a top rating. Looking forward to further developments !
For Keedlestone in Maps
Amazing map Worth the fiver stunning in everyway!
One little con the fact there is a male passenger that is very negative that gets me very downhearted when I make one little mistake D:
Just redownloaded this! Amazing work!
For Keedlestone in Maps
When I first opened the map at snowmere and heard the water from the fountain it felt like a breath of fresh air. The map is really stunning and the colours from the flowers and trees in the spring is really lovely.
The routes are nice to drive, the 65 shows off the best parts of the map as it basically runs through all of it.

Now the bad bits, at rumford there is a low bridge which you can't fit a double decker under, I am struggling to see how this was overlooked in testing as it's a very very silly error.
There is no way this map can be run with collisions on so for that reason the map cannot be a challenge for anyone. The low bridge is ridiculous really. People walk through the bus when they get off and people walk in the air too.

I hope with a patch this map can be run with collisions on so it's actually a challenge for people who run with collisions off, as it's a payware this should be the case.

Other than that it's awesome and I would recommend it to people.
For Keedlestone in Maps
Wonderful map to drive. Well worth the £4.99