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Amazing job as always Badger! Well done.
Excellent detail to the outer/inner skin. 5 Star.
when I load the map its just blue sky
Are you for real?!? Theres a get help sections labeled "GET SUPPORT" if you consult this and use the READ ME provided you get a working map. Due to FF updated webpage we had to but a HOTFIX in and this is CLEARLY stated in the Support forum. This is ALSO Pointed out in the Comment below this one.
can i use this in my map please
its very nice can i use it in my map please
Has all of the features a REAL double decker needs. And my goodness, is that engine sound not beautiful? 50/2 would eat it again.
not the best need things out of buses of the west country legacy edition for this map which doesnt work without them
theres a "quick fix" while i am sorting out the main file to include the items, unfortunately i work full time and thus havent got round to updating a map that pays me nothing that i made in my spare time for the community, thanks non the less for the review tho despite NOT checking the "GET SUPPORT" forum containing the fix. ;)
well done thats a good skin make more skins
Sorry for being finicky, but I think the pink is a little too dark on the First Barbie repaint and needs to be more pink than purple. Other than that, great work!
The Leeds Lad
The Leeds Lad
Thanks for your feedback! I'll have a play with the colours and see if I can improve it better.
This is a very nice bus, however, on one of the screenshots there is what appears to be a cotterell paint, however I haven't got this. Was it removed at some point?
OMG, Its So Tasty! Any Fish Fingers And Custard Anyone?
10/10 would eat it again :D
Nice Sound Effects. FOOD!
i saw this and thought... I AM GETTING THIS!!! - I opened it up and when i drove it and i heard it going Nom nom nom nom!!! I laughed so hard!! Great job with this!!! HA HA HA
Blinds work great and is a lovely addition to an ever growing ALX400 array of content.
nom nom nom nom - genius
could do with a reverse sound of mon mon mon mon xD
why i cant find orange hanover in the file?
btv you utter babe its what ive needed
Fantastic map, huge improvement to the last map (No offense :P), totally didn't forget to drop a review until now ;)
hahaha no offence taken dude, the community helped create this map as criticism was taken away and improved upon. Im thankful everyone is enjoying the map. As a content creator its the most important part.
Five stars!! just when is this coming out of demo mode? i mean are you going to add more routes or make R1 longer or what? or is the Ai route gonna be driveable? If more stuff was added i would probably spend hours on this map!!