MAN A21 - RHD V1.0

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This is a UK convert of the original MAN A21 by V3D studios, whilst converting this bus to RHD, it was also converted to 'single door'. The credit for the original model all goes to V3D and the relevant parties. All information regarding the setvars and static version are included within the read-me. The bus also comes with repaint templates which allows you to customize and change different components.

The installation process is explained in the read-me however it's a case of 'dragging and dropping' the files into your OMSI directory. The download will overwrite some font files within your OMSI directory.

This file is NOT to be uploaded publicly to any other website and should only be found here on the Fellowsfilm Forums. (More information on the static object can be found in the read-me.)

If you find any bugs then please feel free to report them back to me and I will try to fix them as soon as possible :).

  • Original model - V3D and relevant parties
  • Conversion - Danielc2525
  • Testers - btv, Mystic Greg, Oainientk3, The PH6NTOM, ThisIsAlex, W21D
  • Scripts - AD156, Danielc2525


First release
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4.97 star(s) 35 reviews

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Latest Reviews

Great bus. Would love to see the NEW Citaro O530 next.
I like it a lot, only driven one direction so far on Cotterell but it's a bus that's adorned many maps I have, especially half the fleet on Fictional Szczecin. Great now to have this as an addition for OMSI LHD maps!
Amazing convert, great bus to drive, thanks for all your hard work on this! (Only thing I'm not a fan of is the tint of the windscreen that makes everything outside look a little dark, but I know that's from the original bus. If anyone knows a quick way of getting rid of it please let me know!)
Nice bus! Wondering if there is a 2 doors version. Nice job, really nice!
Fantasitc bus to drive! Shame the gauge is Km/h instead of MPH! Sucks for british maps.
Haha, glad you like it, in the next patch I will be including a texture that changes the dials to mph!
Really good bus, could you do the A20 convert from V3D if you can?
Glad you like it, at the moment I have no plans to do an A20 convert, got a few original british buses i'm working on.
Sound and tune excellent
I like ZF more than Voith
But I doubt if the real model is as so powerful? I have never try this real bus before

One small issue I found is about pax path. When there are people outside waiting to get on bus, the pax who s willing to get off inside the bus are stuck by and cannot do so. Switching between opening single or both doors seems strange? Any methods to solve so?
Hey there, thanks for the positive review, I could turn the power down a tad however due to the bus not being about in real life, I have left it as it was in the LHD version, from videos i've seen online they do seem to be fast. As for the pax paths, I will update them so that they are slightly further apart, hopefully this will fix the issue!
dont normally leave reviews but this bus deserves it great bus im loving it
Thanks, really appreciate it, glad you like it :p
Top notch bus! Did the X14 On Yorkshire my PC's performance kinda held it back but it's a lovely bus on Coterell! I'd definitely recommend it and it's probably one of my favourite Single deckers in OMSI And the Repaints that it comes with are a treat!
Glad you like the bus and the repaint, thanks for the positive review!
Just when I was going to give up on OMSI as not much UK stuff is coming out, I find this gem! Wonderful job on the covert bud!
No problem, glad you like it :p