National Express Repaint Pack for the London Citybus 400R

National Express Repaint Pack for the London Citybus 400R 2016-11-23

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National Express repaint pack for the OMSI London Citybus 400.

This pack contains:
National Express Cotterell
National Express Cotterell Uni
National Express Coventry
National Express West Midlands
National Express West Midlands Platinum
Xplore Dundee

All repaints are based on the two tone livery introduced in 2015. Interior styles are roughly based on NX interiors, specifically:
Cotterell/Coventry - based on NXC 4768-4775.
West Midlands/Dundee - based on the E400MMC/Streetdeck interior.
Platinum - Based on the platinum interior.

Not going to pretend they are perfect, but I think they are reasonable without spending too much time on them.

To install, copy the 'Vehicles' folder into your OMSI root directory (e.g. C:\Program
Files\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2). The files will be installed to (OMSI root)\Vehicles\London Citybus 400\texture\Livery_R\.

More information can be found in the README file.

I hope you enjoy using this repaint pack. You may edit the files for your own personal use.

Uploading these repaints (modified or not) is strictly forbidden. These repaints can only be hosted on the Fellowsfilm forums, or my own personal website.

Credit goes to the makers of the London Citybus 400 for making such a fantastic bus and repaint templates to make these repaints possible.

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Excellent set of repaints, keep up the great work!
Thanks :)