Newport Bus repaint for the C400R

Newport Bus repaint for the C400R V1.0.0

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London Citybus 400R: (
Newport Bus repaint for the C400R

This pack has two repaints for the C400R and C400RX, one has grey
headlights and one has black headlights.

You are free to modify the repaint for personal use however if you wish to reupload an edited verison you must contact me via
PM first! Most logo's in this repaint have been made by me as there is a lack of clear logos online so please DON'T copy and
paste them onto your own repaint :)

Citybus 400R by the UKDT:
[UKDT] London Citybus 400R

After downloading the repaint drag the "Vehicles" folder into your OMSI 2 installation folder

Launch OMSI and you are good to go!

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Image 1.png
Image 2.png
Image 3.png
Image 4.png
Image 5.png
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Well done Dan, lovely work! :)
Thankyou :)