Scunthorpe 2016 (Left Path) destination displays for Lowlander's Volvo Olympian

Scunthorpe 2016 (Left Path) destination displays for Lowlander's Volvo Olympian 1.1

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Limited distribution freeware
Required Downloads
Lowlander's Volvo Olympian can be found at

To install, drag and drop the folder “OMSI 2” in this archive to the Steam directory (normally C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common). Overwrite if prompted to do so.

Usage Instructions

There are three hof files supplied with the download. To drive all driveable routes in the map, select “Scunthorpe rollband (all)” as the hof. The “Scunthorpe rollband (31-38)” hof includes all destinations for routes 31, 31a, 32, 32a, 33, 34, 37 and 38, and is provided such that players won’t have to spend too much time scrolling to the destinations for these routes. The “Scunthorpe rollband (AI routes)” hof is an extra production for the AI routes 35, 100, 103 and 350, for which rollbands have also been made.


To set the route number display, type in the route number in the “92” button on the OMSI2 Menu.


To set the terminus display, you need to use the keyboard “Select Terminus Rollsign” function. The default hotkeys for this function is to press F8, and then Page Up or Page Down to scroll the destinations (please be patient as it might take some time to get to the bottom of the rollband). If you press Shift+Y three times, you will also see the destinations (“Target”) changing as you scroll on the little red text in the upper left corner of the screen. Please read the Readme file for more information.

Copyright and Distribution

This file is only released on Fellowsfilm and some other Hong Kong forums.

Please do not re-upload or otherwise release it in any other medium without my permission, unless it is a direct link to this Fellowsfilm post.

You may contact me via Private Message to username “adrianpang7601” on Fellowsfilm.

Thank you for downloading and feedback is always welcome! Enjoy driving Olympians in Scunthorpe!
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