Stagecoach '22/03/17' Memorial Livery for London Citybus 400

Stagecoach '22/03/17' Memorial Livery for London Citybus 400 v1.0

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This livery has been created to remember those who have lost their lives or have been affected by the events that took place on 22nd March 2017. On this date, a terror attack occurred outside Westminster in London, England.
The livery itself is fictional, but I believe it's important for us all in the Bus Simulation Community to remember those who died, those who were injured and those who were put through these traumatic, tragic events...

Jason: For the Reworked Livery with Memorial Colours
UKDT: For the Citybus 400 & the original Stagecoach Livery.

Installation Instructions
1) If you have V1.0 or V2.0 of this Skinpack installed, please remove ALL the original files before installing V2.0.
2) Navigate to your OMSI 2 Install Dictionary (eg. C://Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/OMSI 2/)
4) Extract the 'Vehicles' Folder from this Archieve into your OMSI Install Dictionary.
5) After extraction, launch OMSI 2...

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Lovely Bus, I really feel bad for the ones who lost there lives so thanks for making this amazing bus!
Well done Sir. You have taken a lot of time to make a detailed and magnificent Stagecoach Memorial Livery for the C400R of the 22/3/17 London Westminster Terror Attack. That why I have given you like the rest a 5 Star Excellent Rating. Well Done
This is a good Repaint especially For a strongly Touching topic
Amazing. R.I.P Those innocent people. This really shows how bus lovers will Remember those who died.
Great tribute to all those who suffered because of this horrible event.
a great repaint to remember the people who died in Westminster on 22/3/17
Great job, a brilliant tribute to those who lost their lives yesterday.
Thank you for spending your time to make this Repaint Pack in remembrance of the people who sadly died after the events yesterday.