Stagecoach MAN Lion's City A20 Ü

Stagecoach MAN Lion's City A20 Ü 1.1

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Required Downloads
The Bus Itself:
This is a Stagecoach Repaint - By DaCookie - for the Man A20 U - by V3D Studios.

DaCookie - Making the Repaint
V3D - Making the Bus
Stagecoach Bus UK - For logos and advertisements
Camira Fabrics - For the Seat Moquette

Have the Bus installed: MAN Lion's City A20 Ü - Neue Busse / New busses - Marcels OMSI-Forum
Simply put the "Vehicles" folder into your Omsi 2 Directory.

The Bus: MAN Lion's City A20 Ü - Neue Busse / New busses - Marcels OMSI-Forum

Enjoy :)
DaCookie! // MFF76
First release
Last update
2.00 star(s) 1 reviews

Latest Reviews

The lines are not really in the right places, the colours are off, and the fact that you painted over the wheels... Giving this 2 stars, because there is room for improvement.
DaCookie! // MFF76
DaCookie! // MFF76
Hi there. This is my first ever Stagecoach repaint so there is quite a lot wrong with it, however, last time I checked, the wheels have not been painted over.