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[UKDT] Flora 3

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If you need Flora 2, you can download this from the 'History' tab. Flora 2 is the version entitled "2017-03-18".

UKDT's Flora package brings you hundreds of HQ flora assets to use in your map, including:
  • Large, medium and small trees
  • Various ferns, bushes, shrubs and grasses
  • A selection of flowering plants and weeds
  • Some 'special' assets - such as mushrooms, dead trees and a Christmas tree
  • Replacement 'Shrubbery' hedge objects
There are even some Australasian and Nordic flora assets in this pack, some of which bloom brightly in spring and summer. Autumn and winter textures are also included.

M-R trees (from the base game) have been bundled, with corrected 'Complexity' values, in addition to the removal of the unsightly springtime textures.

Also packaged is a map, allowing you to browse all available assets.

Textures are in PNG format and kept compact without impacting on overall quality, and include _#low tags to accomodate users with lower-spec systems.

Please read the included documentation for full information.
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The content of Flora 3 itself is superb, as always from the UKDT. However, I feel the installation was slightly confusing.

The installer stated that Flora 3 will be installed to the folder selected (which it did). However, it defaults to a directory on the C: Drive, where my Omsi installation is on my other Hard Drive, thus having to select "Browse". This would be fine, only that it isn't stated what folder I am selecting, so I am torn between SceneryObjects, OMSI 2 and the common folder in steam, just thought maybe this could be made a little more clear in the installer.

Other than that it is absolutely superb and is definitely being used in stuff I will be creating in the future.
This was an experiment, and we'll use a different package which installs to the path specified by the registry, so it'll always suggest your Steam library, regardless of location.
nice tree models
A very comprehensive scenery pack for all maps, British or continental. High quality textures with valiant time and effort taken to make it look the best. Highly recommended to all map creators out there. This pack will certainly make your map stand out.