[UKDT] London Citybus 400R

[UKDT] London Citybus 400R 1.4d

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Introducing the London C400R!


This bus is a special present to say thank you to everyone waiting for London's release after the recent hardware failure, and preview the quality of the five new buses to come with London itself.


We've worked hard on the bus to make it as enjoyable as possible, featuring a high quality model, custom sounds, fully functional kneeling and suspension levelling systems and more! We've also included a series of repaints, and a set of templates for you to use if you can't find your favourite.


We hope you enjoy!
- The Citybus 400 team

This bus contains a few sound effects from freeSFX.co.uk - Download Free Sound Effects, it's a good place to go if you're in need of a generic clunk or click.

We've also used a couple of textures from http://www.textures.com/

EDIT (Road-hog123): There are still a few bugs I/we would like to see fixed, so there's likely to be another patch released in a short while with even more fixes! :)

Note that the C400RX isn't a proper representation of an N230UD - to replicate one properly would involve remaking large portions of the interior and exterior and making new dirt maps and repaint templates for everything, as well as programming an entirely new dashboard. It's more a bonus extra version than anything :)
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Latest Reviews

Brilliant comes with lots of repaits including an e400 repaint i saw yesterdey.

But my dests dont work for some odd reson but ppassangers still get on
Lovely bus. one of the most best Left hand drive busses I have ever driven in Omsi 2. Little thing is that the number on the destination disappears there and then.
Lovely bus to drive, sounds just like the real thing. Can't wait for the double door version to be release with the upcoming addon London.
Definitely one of the top buses out there. I'm not sure about the Ecolife (as I don't see them irl), but the DIWA & Express (Scania) sounds are quite accurate. The model is good, and there's no major problem (except it's not a Scania one for the express, but they said its a bonus so oh well)
For the next update to this bus could you add small sqaure pictures on the bonet of the bus please. Love this bus
I really like this bus,
Is it meant to represent the enviro 400???
It's a great bus and drives well, good sounds and 5* Quality on the body. It leans a bit too much for my likings on corners but it drives and it feels a bit too quick but it's a great bus. Would love to see more buses from UKDT.
Version 1.4 d its good but u said u changed the seats and they havnt changedd well done anyway
If you read the whole of that bullet point you'll find there's a link at the end of it that tells you what's different about the seats.
Its a brilliant bus. I love to drive around in it. But i need to know where to find blinds for cotterell for this bus. If not cotterell Farthington blinds!
Great bus keep up the good work!