Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse 1.5

Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse 1.5 1.2a

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Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse 1.5
This bus is a slightly strange combination of the front of the a Wright Eclipse 2, but with everything else being that of an Eclipse 1; so we call it the "Eclipse 1.5". This project was originally started by Lowlander21, who became part of the UKDT for a period and decided that this would be a UKDT project, making this bus now a UKDT product. We'd like to apologise for the delay in reuploading this bus, it's been sitting on Road-hog123's hard drive all ready to go but for a read-me and a download description (which you're now reading) for some time, much longer than we envisaged. But it's here now. :D

You MAY NOT reupload this download file, modified or unmodified.
You MAY publish modifications for this bus, but they MUST include only changed/added files and not the whole bus.
You MAY use this bus in maps, but again it MUST NOT be included with the download, simply linked from the read-me/download page.
Reverse-engineering the encrypted model files is against the Aerosoft EULA for OMSI 2 itself. Model file copyright remains with the original authors of the models.

Developers and Thanks:

- AD156 (original model files used with permission as a base for the project)
- Lowlander21 (improvements to model and putting it in the game)
- Kyle Ortiz (engine and gearbox scripts used in the bus)
- nemeza (fuel code for Kyle's engine scripts)
- Busfanat (matrix scripts)
Fixes for this version:
- Road-hog123 (fixed the awful camera views)
- Evadrave/Fleetline7221 (aa whole bunch of fixes like the lights)
- Marcel Kuhnt + Rüdiger Hülsmann (default files modified or used in the bus)
- A bunch of people that haven't been credited within the files of the bus and whose names have been lost to time... :(

Some screenshots! :D



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Last update
4.11 star(s) 36 reviews

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed missing matrix font

    Adds missing matrix font Adds Cotterell HOF file
  2. Improved repainting

    Fixes a bug where "det.png" could not be repainted, but "details.png" (which doesn't exist)...

Latest Reviews

Very good bus, and superb to use as an AI filler. However, unfortunately it doesn't yet match the standard of the Citaro, C400R or ALX400 but its fair to say that this still had some fab work put in and I do drive it from time to time. Well done to all involved!
Good bus, nice sounds. How do I start this up?
It’s quite a good bus and the closest thing we’ll get to an Eclipse 2 at the moment but the destination display is slow to respond and when reversing it doesn’t go fast enough (I know it’s not supposed to be that fast in reverse but it’s too slow). By the way, why do one of the buttons have a face on it?
its not that great there is no door open / close buttons on the dash needs separate floor an seat textures so we can make more authentic repaints
roll blinds aint working
This is a very nicely modeled bus with very nice sounds. Could do with some extra modelling around the cab area and my main issue with it is that it can't really be used as AI, due to the AI seemingly being unable to set the destinations. If anyone can tell me how to work around this if that is possible.
Good overall but cannot get matrix boards to work
It's a very nice bus and would like to see updates where we can change the floors for each repaint also I feel that the driver's cab need to look a bit nicer but rather than that it's an ok bus
Good bus but the matrix is really slow to respond and when i install the Dispay hanover thing it does not work at all!!
I'm sure it's a good bus, but all I get when trying to spawn it in is error messages. Maybe it's because I'm using omsi 1?