Volvo B9R/B11R Caetano Levante

Volvo B9R/B11R Caetano Levante 1.0

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  1. Volvo B9R/B11R Caetano Levante

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Latest Reviews

I like the model and potential of this coach. The problem is...
-Gearbox script is messed up cant drive without complaints on a straight road.
-Sounds terrible real sounds credit to youtuber:
I do love this coach but is there a proper template for the B11R
Properly impressive, fantastic attention to detail! Electric mirrors, powered boot doors (and some removable items in there), lots of beautiful subtle lighting, digital tachograph, partial and full squat, ferry lift, flushing toilet, Nat Ex announcements CD, Alcolock breathalyser, the feature list goes on and on and on and on!

Took me a while to suss the ramp as I couldn't find the control panel (for the benefit of others it is a yellow box to the left of the main door, click it and you can control it from the front left passenger seat view. Don't forget to enable power first using the dashboard switch). Many thanks to all involved, possibly the most detailed and comprehensive vehicle for OMSI.

I think the i-shift gearbox is off though, mine always goes back to 1st gear for starting off.
Good bus but I keep getting fail on the breathalyzer. All the time
Nice bus to drive. I sometimes get fail on the breathalyzer and i know i ain't pissed lol
Just redownloaded this! Amazing work!
the handling of the coach is kind of weird, may make a addon for it?
Its an amazing bus with the lift and such but whenever i open a repaint twice the floor and other textures appear white and the ticket printer appears white as well. I have to reinstall it every time to get it to work!
Amazing bus great to drive although it isn't easy to start the bus i found out how to do it and can start the bus every time and its great that it works on most maps
Can't start the bus as the breathalyzer always says "fail" and not "passed". PLEASE FIX ASAP!