[W.S] Enviro 500MMC Repaint Pack

[W.S] Enviro 500MMC Repaint Pack v1.2

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Required Downloads
Enviro 500MMC Facelift 12.8M Repaint Pack
for E500MMC by Winsome's -
winsome's OMSI Studio - Download

Look below for NEW repaints

It contains:
East Yorkshire Motor Services
First Olympia + X1 Steelink
Go Transit
Morebus X3 new
Reading Buses - Royal Blue 33
Safeguard Coaches
First Kernow - Kernow, The Tinner, U1/U2 and Atlantic Coaster
First Bristol - Portway P&R, Brislington P&R and Bristol P&R
Transport of Edinburgh - Lothian + East Coast Buses
Demonstrator Enviro 500 based on E400 Demo repaint
Dublin Bus
Blackpool Transport
Boro'line Maidstone
Tyne Valley
Mayne Coaches - fictional based of Tyne Valley

ADDED in V1.2 - Once the repaint pack has been approved by an admin
Transdev Red Express - Bowdenham 1/2
Transdev Coastliner
Plymouth Citybus
Arriva Transitional + Sapphire 35 - Thanks to Ecocity for the curves
Capital Citybus
Stagecoach - The Busway
EYMS - X46
Reading Buses - fictional 17 + Retro

Thanks for downloading
Requests will be thought about

bandicam 2017-03-18 21-27-41-640a.png

bandicam 2017-03-16 23-42-47-574A.png

bandicam 2017-04-18 21-10-08-216A.png

bandicam 2017-04-03 00-06-45-386A.png

bandicam 2017-04-19 14-02-47-030A.png

bandicam 2017-04-19 14-10-27-342A.png

bandicam 2017-03-24 00-41-56-063A.png
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 8 reviews

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Latest updates

  1. ADDED in v1.2 - All of the below and more

    Transdev Red Express - Bowdenham 1/2 Transdev Coastliner Plymouth Citybus Arriva Transitional +...
  2. ADDED in v1.1 - First Birstol P&R, First Kernow, Dublin and more!

    ADDED in v1.1 - First Birstol P&R, First Kernow, Dublin and more!

Latest Reviews

Very Good Repaint Pack! I hope they make a British Style E400MMC!
Thank you! I hope they do make a UK spec E400MMC
brilliant well done!
Thanks so much, I hope to keep updating this pack!
Really love the repaints, they are out of this world. The icing on the cake would be an Arriva Sapphire repaint for me to use the 300/301. Keep up the amazing work !!
Thank you so much! I'll think about adding them but first I got a few other repaints to do.
the repaint looks stunning you have done a great job on them you should be proud of yourself
Thank you I'm very happy with this repaint pack, there'll be more repaints to come in the future!
Great Repaints! Yet another great pack from you! :)
Thank you!
Love the X1 Repaint as i am from Sheffield
Glad you enjoyed it!!
Excellent looking repaints, will make me jump back into the bus again :) If i was picky, i would say i would like to see this in Dublin's colors, but im not that picky.
*notes down - dublin bus* Thanks for the review
This is a staggering repaint pack, you are a highly skilled repainter. Thanks for another great pack.
By the way on the Arriva repaint the logo on the offside is backwards.
Thank you so much!! p.s I'll sort out the Arriva in the next patch.