Yorkshire Counties

Yorkshire Counties 1.7

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Required Downloads
BTV Scenery Pack






UKDT Cotterell (MAP)

UK Route Markers

UKDT Flora 2

UK Road Objects

UK Flora


Buses of the Westcountry (MAP)

Patch to supply Buses of the Westcountry Legacy objects

Mcdonalds Type 2

Upper Palatinate 3D object pool

Tram objects & Splines

Ross Garden Objects

The map uses the London City Busses C400 so please download those before loading the map.

You will also need to download the GBP money pack too for the currency.

For Further Help please use the Map Tools found in the link below.
Welcome to Yorkshire Counties, a Fictional Map based on the UK area of Yorkshire. With tight roads and an even tighter Timetable this map will challenge even the most experienced OMSI Driver.
The map gives Drivers the challenge of assessing corners before navigating them designed to simulate real life challenges surrounding UK Roads.
Through out the map Drivers can experience Town Centers, Villages and Country Lanes as well as a Sea Front.
So Welcome to Yorkshire and Drive Carefully!!.

Click Here to watch the trailer and get a feel for the map. Courtesy of FulleyLove so show him some support.

This map contains a READ ME file that MUST be read first before driving the map as it contains details about the assets required and IBIS information ect.
This map is unique in the fact it offers players the chance to FULLY customize routes by having several roads available for busses to operate on rather than one single route specific map.
Players can use the default routes or simply remove the TT Data and make the map thier own without the hassle of dealing with Spline Creation for those not familiar with the Editor.
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4.62 star(s) 42 reviews

Latest updates

  1. Yorkshire Counties Patch Update

    You WILL require the original map and its dependencies. This file is to update the original map...

Latest Reviews

Amazing work Sylar! Downloaded this ages ago, deleted it, missed it and here i am agin re-downloading it. Don't worry, I have the hotfix downloaded!
Really happy you got it working again, Thanks and hope you continue to enjoy the map dude
Amazing map, it didnt work at first but after a bit of perseverance it worked because all support needed is certainly out there on the forums, great job!
yeah thanks dude, its my fault for not origianally taking care when choosing assets with my map. This is and started out as my first map and evolved since then. Hopefully with the next update things will be a great deal easier for people but appreciate the kind words and hope you enjoy the map.
Can't get out of Charlotte Vilage thingy
when I load the map its just blue sky
Are you for real?!? Theres a get help sections labeled "GET SUPPORT" if you consult this and use the READ ME provided you get a working map. Due to FF updated webpage we had to but a HOTFIX in and this is CLEARLY stated in the Support forum. This is ALSO Pointed out in the Comment below this one.
not the best need things out of buses of the west country legacy edition for this map which doesnt work without them
theres a "quick fix" while i am sorting out the main file to include the items, unfortunately i work full time and thus havent got round to updating a map that pays me nothing that i made in my spare time for the community, thanks non the less for the review tho despite NOT checking the "GET SUPPORT" forum containing the fix. ;)
Fantastic map, huge improvement to the last map (No offense :P), totally didn't forget to drop a review until now ;)
hahaha no offence taken dude, the community helped create this map as criticism was taken away and improved upon. Im thankful everyone is enjoying the map. As a content creator its the most important part.
To be perfectly Honest the 1st map wasn't the best. But this, this is outstanding. Great work it has to be one of my favorite maps to drive in Omsi, well done. Thanks, Sparrow.
i agree the first version was an abomination lol Thanks for the continued support and really glad your enjoying the map and as are many others.
fantastic map love the sceneries and the routes and the new update on windhaven bus station with having to reverse out off the bus stop it makes it so realistic
Fantastic Map. Wonderfully designed liveries and routes. The map has definitely improved and is of a high quality standard. I only have 1 complaint, the bus stand signs used at the bus station are German with "H" on them. Apart from that, great work and keep it up!
hhahaha but they look so nice xD i felt bad for leaving them out so had to use them :P
Top notch! This map has achieved it's potential, it cannot get any better. You gotta love thrashing your bus down the motorway, and the beautiful village of Aston, the scenery on the country roads, everything! Would recommend downloading any day. Well done, Sylar! You've outdone yourself once again!
Thank you man :D