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Breezer bus repaint pack 1.0

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  1. Wilts & Dorset
    Hi all this is my latest release the breezer bus which is run by more from Bournemouth to swanage

    The pack has 4 versions 1 for the volvo gemini 2 standard and 3 for the volvo Gemini 2 open top

    Volvo Gemini 2 just breezer route 50
    Volvo Gemini 2 open top
    1. Breezer route 50
    1.breezer route 35 to totnes for botw2.9
    1.breezer route 35 to paignto for botw2.9

    Pics below enjoy
    all lined up back.png non open top.png ticket machine.png

Recent Reviews

  1. alfie1979
    Version: 1.0
    nice repaints well done
    1. Wilts & Dorset
      Author's Response
      thanks theirs a few more to come :)