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Buses of the Westcountry (BotW) 2.9

An update to Buses of the Westcountry

  1. UKDT
    Required Assets:
    Listed in enclosed readme file
    Please click the 'Updates' tab above to download the latest version!

    Welcome back to Buses of the Westcountry. This is the next version of the map, which is a tidied up version of the rather dated v2.7.1. Please note that this is not v3 (or BotW 2, or Legacy Edition or any other name it has gone by).

    What has changed in this version?
    BotW v2.8 features a tidied-up version of the 35 from Paignton to Totnes. It now utilizes the fantastic C400R, and has been generally improved upon. Poor, outdated map construction has been mitigated, common complaints addressed, general optimization, as well as higher quality assets.

    Please note - this version is simply a stopgap to give the community something while v3 (Legacy), London, and other maps are in the works. It is also intended to have 2.7.1 removed from public view as it is now a very old map not representative of the skills of UKDT.

    Read the included readme file. It includes instructions on how to get the map up and running. Failing to do so will result in missing tiles, or a blank map.

    UKDT is planning to attend Showbus 2017 - any donations received would go towards offsetting the costs of setting up the event. UKDT is not for profit, 100% of anything received gets reinvested into the community. Unspent donations will go back towards the operating costs of Fellowsfilm.

    The associated Paypal account belongs to iomex. For any enquiries, please email omsi.botw@gmail.com


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  1. Buses of the Westcountry

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: 2.9
    I Love this map with the zoo ans sound effects also backgrouds
  2. Quevlar
    Version: 2.9
    What a nice map. Only 1 route but it is a really nice route to drive both ways. If this is a taster of what we can expect in the London add-on (which is the reason i recently got OMSI to begin with) then that is going to be worth every penny. Thank you so much for taking the time to make and share this map.
  3. OlBuses
    Version: 2.9
    Amazing map, Great detail that you wouldn't see in any other maps!

    Great work again guys.
  4. DayumDennisDart
    Version: 2.9
    I have a problem going past the highstreet then theres a invisible block and I cant get pass it
  5. smmystobart3
    Version: 2.9
    very well made map!!
    love it
  6. AC86
    Version: 2.9
    If this a taste of what London has to offer, were in for real treat, has to be one of the best maps for OMSI available today! keep up the great work guys.
  7. Rhys stirling
    Rhys stirling
    Version: 2.9
    this is amazing but only if the cars were lag free im only experiencing a bit of lag of full traffic and i love the new turning point at the zoo hovever maby make it more of a challange

    1) suggestion

    at the new turning point at paington zoo maby add a rising bollard to add more detail
    1. UKDT
      Author's Response
      Hi Rhys,
      In balance, we feel the AI traffic, although not quite as efficient as the vanilla set, is a better choice than having 1980's vehicles rolling around a modern map.

      Of course, you can edit the ailists.cfg to suit your tastes. I will say, though, that traffic does build up in BotW quite quickly in the Paignton area, a traffic density of over 100% is not recommended.

      With the rising bollard - because buses come in at an angle, we can't guarantee that they would work 100% of the time so we feel it would be best not to include them. The concrete lattice, red surface treatment and signage is enough to deter cars, we feel.

      The previous turn area was frequently criticized, as in buses longer than a C400R, a shunt was required to complete the turn, which apparently was unacceptable to a lot of peoplel.
  8. Anonymous
    Version: 2.9
    i love the map we more uk maps like it
  9. AdventureRock123
    Version: 2.9
    2.9 is a HUGE improvement from missing scenery disappoint the realism ALL FIXED and Paigton zoo has a better Turn around which puts a big smile on my small yet large face
  10. Jamie Skinner
    Jamie Skinner
    Version: 2.9
    The detail in 2.9 is amazing although I am seeing a bit of lag.

    In 2.8 I didn't get any lag at all.
    1. UKDT
      Author's Response
      Hi Jamie,
      There shouldn't be any reason for that at all - from v2.8, the heaviest contributor to lag was converted into a single object (roadway infrastructure at the zoo).

      Where exactly are you experiencing the additional lag compared to 2.8?