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E500MMC Facelift Hannover Displays for BotW 1 V2.8 V1.1a

Hannover Displays

  1. The Imaginative Lad
    BotW 1 V2.7.1 Hannover Displays for Winsome's E500MMC Facelift
    This addon adds hannover displays for the E500MMC Facelift. This includes displays for line 35 to Paignton Bus Station, line 35 to Totnes Rail Station and Not In Service display.
    BotW 1 V2.8:
    Buses of the Westcountry (BotW)

    Winsome's E500MMC Facelift:
    winsome's OMSI Studio - Download

    Installation Instructions
    1) Extract the .zip to the root of your OMSI 2 folder (\steamapps\ common\OMSI 2).
    2) Copy and Replace. This should any apply to any existing BotW 1 V2.8 HOF file in the E500MMC vehicle folder.
    - Winsome for the E-Display maker
    - UKDT and related authors for the original .HOF file
    - Permission granted from (UKDT) iomex for redistribution of modified .HOF file.
    This file is not to be redistributed outside of Fellowsfilm Studios
    Any modifications to the included files cannot be re-uploaded without my permission.
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Recent Updates

  1. Supports V2.8 ONLY

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  1. Anonymous
    Version: 2017-03-19