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More Christmas Ad Pack 1.0

hi all this pack has 10 different styles

  1. Wilts & Dorset
    hi all this pack has 10 different styles to chose from including my latest silver repaint that will be released shortly in 2 different styles :)

    *with these i have added fleet numbers to all the repaints from more detail

    Pics bellow:
    24301999_327148381026903_3852558207609412523_o.jpg 24131893_327148334360241_1414896972953727861_o.jpg 24273445_327142824360792_583279033726453421_o.jpg 23905349_324958344579240_1363603885864245096_n.png
    thanks for viewing. for more visit my page
    Fin's Omsi Repaints
    © Wilts & Dorset Fellowsfilm User
    © Fin`s Omsi Repaints


    1. 24291740_326487994426275_7010121762164526037_o.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Erik from Germany
    Erik from Germany
    Version: 1.0
    Great repaints! Very well made, and even the silver one is included!
    1. Wilts & Dorset
      Author's Response
      hi thanks for review. yh thats a sneaky pre release before a twin pack comes out with a 10th anniversary bus