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NX Coventry HOF File 1.0

.hof file for NX Coventry

  1. PTDriver0429
    Required Assets:
    A Bus ;-)
    A Map To Put The Bus On!! ;-)
    A hof file for National express Coventry Buses can be used with any bus but please read the read me for the repaints of the buses i advise however were NOT made by me.
    This was mainly made for the NX Coventry Repaints i am seeing around and i thought i should make a hof file for them so people can actually drive around and have the displays SEE README FOR DESTINATIONS AND NUMBERS!! (If you wish to use manual display set then in the readme next to the displays there are codes that you can enter)
    Expect to see an NXWM Hof file coming soon by me!!

    Thankyou For Downloading!!
    Can be edited for personal use but NOT uploaded!