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Oxford Road Link Repaints 1.6

Manchester's Oxford Road Link Livery

  1. Psjthekid
    Manchester's Oxford Road Link repaints!
    This livery is seen on the 147 Oxford Road Link service from Manchester Piccadilly Station to Manchester Royal Infirmary via UoM and MMU. These repaints are based off the original livery seen on the Scania Omnicity buses not the current Gemini 2 livery. I used my model of the Scania as a reference (Google CMNL 7006)
    Both buses together:
    Eclipse 1.5:
    NEW: B9TL Gemini 2
    Update 1.6 updated B9TL with window decals
    Readme with installation instructions is included in the.zip file

Recent Updates

  1. Updated 1.6
  2. Added Gemini 2

Recent Reviews

  1. BritishRepaints
    Version: 1.6
    Excellent! 147 is my school route.