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Stagecoach East Kent 11, 100 and 101 HOF for E500MMC V2

Destinations for the E500MMC Facelift for Stagecoach Kent's routes 11, 100, and 101.

  1. TheCraftersXander
    Required Assets:
    Winsome's Enviro 500MMC: http://www.winsomes3dstudio.com/omsi/omsi_downloade500mmc.html
    This pack comes with three destinations which are replicas of those used by Stagecoach Kent in real-life:
    - 11 Lydd New Romney
    - 100 New Romney Lydd (for Hastings)
    - 101 Folkestone Dover
    - Driver Training Full
    - Driver Training Normal
    Please note: This pack DOES NOT come with the Stagecoach livery, this only includes the destinations!
    Here is some eye candy :)


    1. 20170903112447_1.jpg

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  1. 2 new destinations

Recent Reviews

  1. Paul Inman
    Paul Inman
    Version: V2
    Great matrix m8
  2. ross4122
    Version: 2017-09-03
    This modification works straight out of the box. However, things that let it down are:

    - lack of spell-check and proof-reading
    - no return destinations.

    Good job though!
    1. TheCraftersXander
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review, I will on the next version release more routes and return destinations. what have a spelled wrong, I did cross check spellings