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UK Objects Pack 0.71

A customisible set of signs for OMSI!

  1. Fellowslothb
    Hello all!

    This is a reupload of my UK Objects pack, this was made back in the day when there weren't many UK signs or buildings and this pack aimed to change that.

    Each object is really easy to rotate - No awkward rotational values.

    You are free to use this in your freeware map, if you need to include it with your download then please let me know!

    Objects currently in the pack include:

    - UK Traffic cones, lamps and road work signs.

    - Light up, fully customisable signs whereby you can assign your own texture to them.

    Documentation is included in the download, located in OMSI2 > Documents > Fellowsfilm.

    Stay tuned for more updates in the future. (This will include a massive rework of the current signs and a plethora of new UK buildings from small village shops to large city superstores!

    If you would like any objects making, feel free to post in the support thread.

    Check out the support thread for new updates, information and support, Thanks!


Recent Reviews

  1. Kenzie
    Version: 0.71
    Great work on this object pack! One thing could you add more road work signs in the next update?? Thanks