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About UKDT

The UKDT (UK Design Team) are a dedicated and skilled group of OMSI modders who have formed together as a group with the aim to produce high-quality British game modifications/addons for OMSI 2.

The Team

The UKDT is currently split into two groups, associates and developers. These groups are as follows:


  • Iomex
  • Whistlehead
  • Fellowslothb
  • Road-hog123
  • Rhys


  • Tom
  • btv
  • Joe Alker
  • EvadRave (Fleetline 7221)
The UKDT also consists of a Clerical Officer, who's primary role is to maintain documents and files. The UKDT's Clerical Officer is tkink317.



The UKDT is currently undertaking the following primary projects:
  • BoTW V2
  • BoTW Legacy Edition
  • Cotterell (updated version)
This is in addition to many other sub-projects that are being contributed towards the primary projects.


The UKDT has currently completed and released the following primary projects: