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    Maps Yorkshire Counties

    @axelkennedy0 you need to download Cotterell for those missing items
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    SotM August 2018: "Continental" - Submissions

    Somewhere is Germany!!!
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    Sorry, i dont do repaints no more, i just dont have the time

    Sorry, i dont do repaints no more, i just dont have the time
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    The latest screenshots are just awesome. Seeing the AI cars being built and now in London screenshots, its amazing how much time and effort it takes to create such a thing for our enjoyment, Whistlehead is AI GOD!! The amount of patience as well with Roadhog with scripting. Understanding each...
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    Knight Haulage

    At the moment we just have General Division and Supply Chain. Supply chain is currently going through testing with limited drivers. There are no plans to add another for a good few months, but even without that, still an excellent VTC to join and drive for
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    Knight Haulage

    @LazyGuy222 if you can DM me your email address, i can check on progress and see if its been looked at yet
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    Bus Simulator 18 astragon

    Actually we dont get paid for previewing the game! We have a copy yes to show it to encourage people to buy it and thats it
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    What's on your workbench?

    Why not paint the Lynx to make it look old and rusty? better effects then :)
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    Buses Leyland Lynx MK 11.18m

    UPDATE: Hey, sorry its been a while for an update, but here it is :) Ok, im trying to sort out an issue with the Lynx shadow texture as it appears white in game then i can update the file with the model on jacks. With V3D working very hard on his projects, im not working on the Lynx until he...
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    SotM May 2018: "Transdev" - Submissions

    Transdev SpotON Operations from Blackburn stands waiting to enter morning service. Repaint by @ThisIsAlex
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    Citaro2013's Blackpool Repaints - Request

    Hey guys and Gals If anyone has the Blackpool Repaints for buses i made, could you possibly send them to me via PM so i can re-upload them please. After forum update some files were lost and i didnt have a backup due to PC failure. Thanks Citaro2013