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    Nu Venture for the win!

    Nu Venture for the win!
  2. Olllie

    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    Nu Venture has recently gained operations at Totnes and Paignton, The council have agreed to let out this small patch of land for their parking.
  3. Olllie

    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    Just got out of the paint shop, shes looking lovely, New/old, What do you think?
  4. Olllie

    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    Something I have been working on :)
  5. Olllie

    Bus Spotting

    I’m sorry but as soon as I saw this I had to take a few pics I couldn’t believe my eyes :eek: Sorry for the bad picture quality I had to take them quick!
  6. Olllie

    Maps The South London Project (Not Addon London) (Free)

    Could someone help? every time i try to load the map i get this message and then it stops loading, freezes then crashes
  7. Olllie

    Buses Wright Gemini 3 Pack

    what an amazing looking bus!
  8. Olllie

    Buses Leyland Lynx MK 11.18m

    Fantastic work citaro! keep up the great development :)
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    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    For the people who remember the M&D, here is what i'm working on ;)
  10. Olllie

    Buses Volvo B7TL Gemini 1

    Great bus mate! This will be a great addition to the OMSI UK community :)
  11. Olllie

    Maps Keedlestone [Payware]

    (my opinion) Best map on OMSI.
  12. Olllie

    Maps Keedlestone [Payware]

    Thanks :) found them
  13. Olllie

    Maps Keedlestone [Payware]

    i cant re access the download page
  14. Olllie

    Maps Keedlestone [Payware]

    Where do i download them?