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  1. Alex

    Bus Talk

    Taken a few weeks ago is one of First Manchester's Volvo B5LH Gemini 3s, 39258 laying over at Leigh Bus Station.
  2. Alex

    Bus Spotting

    Currently with Vision Bus, Bolton is demonstrator Wrights Streetlite SK65PWV and is seen at Bolton Interchange. Also recently painted into Vision livery is ADL E200 LK07BEY
  3. Alex

    Maps Harrothorpe Reborn (A Yorkshire Dev Team Project)

    Ooooooo! Good luck with it @and More Central
  4. Alex

    FirstBus Non Standard Livery Pack

    Even though the Vantage livery is for the Gemini 3, i'm sure it would look good on an E400
  5. Alex

    The SDRM

    Looks brilliant!
  6. Alex

    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    I've always been known to be lazy ;):laughing:
  7. Alex

    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    A demonstrator and a B7L, both on route 35!
  8. Alex

    Maps Westcombe Down

    That looks brilliant! Never seen this in Omsi before!
  9. Alex

    Repainting static vehicles

    which part of Manchester are you doing?
  10. Alex

    [Mapping] Ask the team

    How can i make larger lanes with the road splines?
  11. Alex

    [Mapping] Ask the team

    Thank you, Will have a go at making one (may turn out bad lol)
  12. Alex

    [Mapping] Ask the team

    which scenery objects and splines are best for that (and some that include bus stations ect)?
  13. Alex

    [Mapping] Ask the team

    what's the best way to start a simple map, yet have all of the detail?
  14. Alex

    Hanover Displays

    Thank you! :-)
  15. Alex

    Hanover Displays

    Not sure if this is a stupid question as there may be a guide to it, (but i haven't seen one) Anyway- Can anyone explain how i can get the destination to work by imputing it manually in the Gemini 2? I've had a go but it's not been successful Thanks,