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    RATP would operate some AI (Not derivable) routes in the addon. Off the top of my head 9 (N9), 10, 18 (N18), 94, 148 and Sovereign on the 139.
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    London to trial out a Tri-Axle

    Because as you can see a longer double decker provides more space and would potentially allow TFL to reduce the PVR's of a number of routes.
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    What's Your Favourite Bus?

    This beast is so comfortable, doesn't rattle at all.
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    Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 (2006-2017)- Opinions?

    Maybe in terms of the Euro 6 Allisons, I sort of like them. However, a bus is more than an engine and a gearbox. To put it like this, the 09/60 plate ones we have on the 33 in London are awful. They rattle, had loose panels and poles from day one and have a terrible ride quality. The early...
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    Bowdenham Screenshots

    Bus Service Changes Saturday 24th of March 2018 First 375- Withdrawal of evening and Sunday service after 19:00, hourly replacement to be operated by Stagecoach under contract to Bowdenham County Council. Two hourly night service introduced by Stagecoach on a commercial basis to replace route...
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    Buses [Official DLC] Hamburger Buspaket (£7.19)

    Really... I can tell you that Germany/Austria/Switzerland has a lot more to offer than just Citaros. Hess bodied Scanias, Omnicities, VDL Citeas...
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    Just seeing you progress so quickly Rhys, has been a treat for me. I have been watching since you posted screenshots of an empty map, to the release of TSLP and now how you can literally slap up a bus within months. Keep going, even if the release isn't in sight yet. It will be one day.
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    Most people in online communities have no patience, especially younger members. Understandable though as time goes much slower when you are younger, I can remember asking for release dates etc. As long as they learn, which a lot of members have.
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    So the Evo'Citi' (Setti) is also now making an appearance. Looks fantastic Rhys, however I do hope that these are for after release ;)
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    Serious bus accident in Hong Kong on 10th Feb

    An absolutely awful incident and my condolences to everyone who is affected by this. Hong Kong has an incredibly safe bus network, however when accidents do happen they unfortunately always end up as major accidents
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    Bus Spotting

    Big Scania, huge Scania! Apologies for poor picture quality.
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    Hafencity Blue Sky

    To help we need your logfile.
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    Solaris IV (Non Articulated) AI Sound issue

    I have the same issue but it doesn't bother me. It might be worth asking on Chrizzleys92 facebook page though so he can be made aware of it: Chrizzly's 3D Objektschmiede
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    MB0530 Facelift.

    I highly recommend that you download the morphi mod for that bus. Mods und Soundsets von Morphi [Eingestellt/Discontinued] - Bus Mods / Bus mods - Marcels OMSI-Forum It removes that issue and adds different gearboxes/engines.