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  1. Nightscape

    Omsi / Editor Not Loading

    Yeah I've had this. Just Alt + Tab
  2. Nightscape

    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    Essex Uni?
  3. Nightscape

    ALX400 Flashing STOP sign

    I actually needed it for something different mate. But thanks
  4. Nightscape

    ALX400 Flashing STOP sign

    - Sorted the issue now
  5. Nightscape

    ALX400 Flashing STOP sign

    Hi guys, wasn't sure where to post this. Does anyone know the variable that makes the STOP on the dashboard flash. Looked in a few of the script files but haven't been able to locate it yet.
  6. Nightscape

    Logitech Driving Force Pro Connector

    Thanks mate. Much appreciated.
  7. Nightscape

    Logitech Driving Force Pro Connector

    Hi, does anyone know what the connector is called that connects the pedals to the steering wheel. (Its 7 pins). Tried google but everything I find is regarding 9 pins. Thanks
  8. Nightscape


    I get your excited and would like to see updates as much as everyone else but Rhys isn't under any obligation to show anything. He could keep quiet until release day if he wanted. If and when Rhys has something to share and if he has the opportunity then he usually does post something. Just...
  9. Nightscape

    Maps Scunthorpe

    For the people having issues with stuttering and FPS, I think it's to do with the trees and bushes in the map. I used map editor to remove a lot of the trees and the map is so much smoother now. Hardly any stuttering.
  10. Nightscape

    Bus Mods Various Improvements for HK Enviro200

    No need to apologize mate, glad it working for you.
  11. Nightscape

    Bus Mods Various Improvements for HK Enviro200

    Hi mate. If you have followed all the instructions in the read me then the Bus will now be called Enviro200 under the Alexander Dennis category. This has been tested multiple times by myself and others and is confirmed working. Let me know if you have any other issue. Cheers
  12. Nightscape

    Video Editing

    Hi guys, hope this is the right place to ask. I'm looking to start making gameplay videos for YouTube, i'm using Shadow play built into the Geforce Experience app to record them. When i watch them back their fine, then i use Sony Vegas Pro 15 to edit them (Not sure the best settings i should be...
  13. Nightscape

    Firstbus Route Use Symbols

    Buses in Colchester have now started receiving the dark pink starts next to the bus display too.
  14. Nightscape

    Answered G29 D-Pad not working

    Just for anyone wondering, i think this is just a problem with the newer wheels. I am using a Logitech Driving Force Pro and don't have an issue assigning the button in LGS with the latest windows 10 update.
  15. Nightscape

    Can You Help?

    I had the same issue. Set your Throttle as Rev (Ticked) - Progressive. Set your Brake as Rev (Ticked) - Degressive. See if that works for you aswell.
  16. Nightscape

    Bus Mods Various Improvements for HK Enviro200

    Nightscape submitted a new download: Various Enviro200 Improvements for HK Enviro200 - Various Enviro200 Improvements Read more about this download...
  17. Nightscape

    Various Improvements for HK Enviro200 1.0

    Information: I have been editing a few files to do with the HK Enviro200 by GX7767. All credits for everything go to GX7767, i have only edited the original config/texture files. Things that have changed: - Now has an English description of the Enviro200. - I have removed several of the cab...
  18. Nightscape

    Scunthorpe 2017 Chrono

    I'd be happy to test it out
  19. Nightscape

    What's on your workbench?

    @jonathonlawrence_316 Fair enough mate, i never even knew there was a manly act two E200 till you said. Yeah its actually quite fun to go through the config files and use trial and error to see what does what. Thanks.
  20. Nightscape

    What's on your workbench?

    This is the Hong Kong one mate. Just edited the model config file to remove the bits from the bus I don't like. Edit: just did a search for the Manly Enviro 200. You'll see that version still has a small ticket machine to the left of the cab view, and also has the blind on the windscreen, I've...