414 BVG MAN Lion City DD to be replaced

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Dec 27, 2016
MAN Double Decker (such as SD 200, SD 202, Man Lion City DD) are the iconic fleet in BVG. MAN has discontinued the MAN Lion City DD series and with the aged and deteriorating Man Lion City DD, BVG has started several trials with 3 demo units - double decker from Scania, VDL and Alexander Dennis back in 2015.

BVG is planning to replace all 414 MAN Lion City DD in the next few years, with Alexander Dennis as a favored choice. In the meantime, BVG works with MAN to refurbish the existing fleet until the new bus arrive.

Previously Alexander Dennis have supplied 19 Enviro500s with dual staircases and three doors for PostAuto in Switzerland, which could be a reference for future BVG fleet specification. The unit is shown in Busworld 2017:

(Sources: berliner-zeitung, tagesspiegel, omnibus news)


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Aug 5, 2017
Neato. It'd be interesting to see an Enviro 500 in full BVG spec.

However, after all this, will we ever get to see in service? It seems the post PostAuto and CDMX ones haven't been seen in full service, AFAIK.


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Jan 21, 2018
Would have gone for a Scania myself seeing as they tend to have a bit more 'oomph'. Still I'm sure it will look smart in BVG colours :)


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Oct 25, 2016
Deadout London
I think fuel consumption with Scania is a factor maybe but their bendy buses on the M49 and 109 are sublime.

Be interesting to see the happenings as Im in Berlin later this month


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Oct 25, 2016
Deadout London
Least the DD is preserved in OMSI, I am not sure what preservation groups are like in Berlin, they seem to favour 70s buses rather than modern builds - they did trial one in Poland, doubt it'll catch on, they'll probably end up on the scrap heap.