Citybus Pointer 2 Discussion Thread

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Jun 1, 2016
Rhys merely started this discussion thread, it's my project nonetheless (although parts of Rhys' buses will be used in the London variants such as the blinds and iBus.)


Code Fudger
Dec 10, 2015
Kent, UK
Have they decided what seats the variants will have or is it all urban 90s?
I don't see any mention of different seats for different variants, so I would imagine only Urban90s would be provided at least for initial release. I'm not sure why you'd want any other seat anyway, Urban90s are far superior to any other seat that could be fitted. ;)
Jun 1, 2016
I've mentioned earlier on at some point in this thread (somewhere in page 1 I would assume), that eventually there will be multiple seat options (U90/Telmac/V2/V3, possibly more if any different ones get made by that point), but initially it will only be U90s.


New Member
May 26, 2017
I think I would prefer to see u90's in this bus anyway!!! How much more progress has happened mate don't want to be told off for saying that so don't take it the wrong way please!!!
Jun 1, 2016
If you think you're going to be told off when asking something, it's best not to ask it :) As I've said before, more frequent updates are on the Discord and in the update thread there won't be any updates on there for at least another couple of weeks, bearing in mind I only created it last week.
Apr 10, 2016
Only asked, some of us work for a living and don't have the time to trawl through forums looking for the answer to one question. A simple yes or no would have sufficed.

I'll not bother....
Jun 1, 2016
@cmac1985 I've also got better things to do than repeat the same thing to people who've missed information, it was only a polite direction as to where your answer could be found. If you've had the time to find this discussion thread and complain/make snide remarks about my response, then reading the top post in the updates thread isn't that much to ask.