Maps Hertfordshire New Update

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Oct 22, 2016
Hello everyone i have been working on Hertfordshire V4 for a while now learning how to use omsi 2 editor and now i have added two more routes hertfordshire one being an Express route to Welwyn Bus Station, stopping at St alban interchange, Hatfield Interchange, QE2 Hospital and finally Welwyn Bus Station. Also another route i have added in is 74 to Great Nest Hyde and back. Both operated by Arriva.

Also i'm adding a STEVENAGE Rail station and a hopsital as well.
Here some print screens of what i have done so far.

I have permission from mrmoose.

I want to thank Mrmoose who has give me permission to add more routes to the map and i hope it can be a success once i have finished

127 ST alban police station.PNG

hatfield Estate house .PNG
Great Nest hyde Term - start.PNG
Feb 6, 2018
Apart from the Stevenage Train Station and Hospital are there any other routes on the map or will all services use the same roads to get to each of their destinations?