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Known Forum Issues

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Admin, Jul 20, 2016.

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  1. Admin

    Admin Guest

    Hey there,

    In addition to our official Service Status page, we have decided to create a list of current known issues with the Forums site. If you find a problem on the Forums, please first view this topic and see if the issue is already listed. If it is not listed, please PM me or @Fellowslothb with as many details as you can and we'll add it to the list and get working on resolving it.

    Known Issues

    There are currently no known issues.

    Fixed Issues

    • HTTPS/SSL Issues (we now have a new SSL certificate in full operation which is now working normally).
    • Lost images (resolved by re-uploading the lost files).
    • 128MB max upload size on any file uploads (we have been able to increase this to 2048MB or 2GB).
    • Corrupt files in the Downloads Centre.
    • Unable to upload files to the Downloads Centre.


    • Added friendly URL support for better SEO and nicer-looking links. For example, what was originally forums.fellowsfilm.co.uk/index.php?/topic/453-known-forum-issues is now just forums.fellowsfilm.co.uk/topic/453-known-forum-issues, removing the "index.php" from all links.
    • Security improvements to the database.

    We have also made many security improvements during the server move, which you may or may not notice. One of these is our new encryption with a new secure SSL certificate installed as well as DDOS protection by the means of Cloudflare. You can read more about the server move here.
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  2. Admin

    Admin Guest

    The listing has been updated.


    • The 128MB max upload file size has now raised to 2048MB, which equates to around 2GB. 
    • The issue with uploading files to the Downloads Centre is now resolved.
    • Most corrupt files have been re-uploaded or recovered.

    We kindly ask that all content submitters in the Downloads Centre check their uploads to make sure they are not corrupt, and if they are re-upload the files. We apologise once again for the inconvenience caused during this server move.
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