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Feb 8, 2017
Hi all,
I have opened a new VBC Called Network Southeastern, We operate in The East and Southeast of England branded as NETWORK, however we also branch out west to Cotterell, Bath and The surrounding areas, under Network West Branding. I am happy to say recruitment is now open until the 10th March. We drive the Citaro facelift UK, London Citybus 400, and soon the ALX400 Regional.
Any questions, PM THE GROUP ON Discord :
Applications are Processed through our website, . if you are successful, you will be emailed by our recruitment group (



Head of HR for Network Southeastern
Dec 28, 2017
Hi all,
Just as a polite reminder that applications to join Network Southeastern close next Saturday (10/03/18). we still have places to fill up on the team so get in touch with @Karen Finn on our discord page and send the application in to claim a place on the team
Kind Regards

Luke Howard
Operations Manager for Network Southeastern
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Feb 8, 2017
A decision has been made by me and other members of management to extend applications until next Saturday, this gives us more time to be ready for start of Omsi Operations On the 26th. Another announcement is that this thread will be closing while accounts are changed on fellowsfilm
Feb 8, 2017
Anyone who wishes to join the team please visit our discord, link below post, or visit our website,