TransBus ALX400 (London Spec)

Buses TransBus ALX400 (London Spec) 1.03a

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Managing Director of SR Buses
Oct 30, 2016
Leeds, West Yorkshire
V3D quit because of community backlash. Who knows if he comes back? Besides, its a very specific spec, and the only buses I know of that are like this are Dublin Bus' pre-single-door ALX400s, and Stagecoach 17497. I don't think that specific spec is ever going to be made by legal means. And that's where I'm going to leave it.
The old Cambridge Park and Ride ALX400s were dual door too and they had FlipDot matrix displays.
Feb 14, 2017
Anyone able to identify what sound mod/engine this is?

I know the guy in the video was using the regional version. However, someone asked about the sound in the comments and the uploader answered stating that it's only out for the London Spec. I asked the uploader on another video that showed the same engine sounds and he replied saying that he got the sound mod off Fellowfilms. I've looked around and all I see are the recent MB Workshop mod (wouldn't be this one as this was released after his video) and Badger's soundpack. I've tested all of Badger's ones and none sound like the one in the video so I'm guessing it's not from his soundset.