What buses or scenery would you like in OMSI?

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Apr 6, 2018
scania omnidekka Dual door only as dual door omnidekka's are more common as dual door variants

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From Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust LTD
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thats lovely

Lol good old OMSI forum, bicker street.

Let me help you out there mate, in the OMSI folder, find the plugin folder, the .opl file or whats in there, you need to add omninavigation.dll to that file using notepad, Im not at my PC but if you PM i'll walk you through it tonight.

The chaps behind it cant modify OMSI files as its not an 'official' addon

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Mar 20, 2016
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Please stop re-uploading images that are not your work. If the image is found online, post a direct link to it. At the very least, if you upload a photo, do give the author credit!