What's on your workbench?

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Mar 15, 2017
looks to me like you have just installed the Manly Version of the Enviro 200 ;-) , but i could be wrong
This is the Hong Kong one mate. Just edited the model config file to remove the bits from the bus I don't like.

Edit: just did a search for the Manly Enviro 200. You'll see that version still has a small ticket machine to the left of the cab view, and also has the blind on the windscreen, I've taken them off. Not sure what other differences there is between the models. With trial and error im gonna see if i can add a wayfarer to this model.
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first of all, the manly act two E200 was the HK E200 which was modified ;) second of all, i have never noticed that there is a small ticket machine there on the manly act two version, thirdly , its not a ticket machine, it is a pass scanner. But well done mate, im glad to see people learning how to modify buses and things like this, it is a good skill to have/learn, providing you don't abuse it in future, not saying you will, its just a saying :) Well done, :)