Maps Wimborne & Poole

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Jul 22, 2016
Give us a shout if you need anything from a drivers perspective! Particuarly The Willet Arms traffic lights I lost a mirror there once haha


Callum Owen
Oct 22, 2016
As a local to the area I'm really excited to see this map progress. Likewise, if you need any assistance at all I'd be willing to chip in.


Youngest of the Nationals
Jun 28, 2018
will u be doing the perbeck breezer
Ooh yeah! Purbeck Breezer would be so fun to drive around in, especially onto the ferries to Studland!
And as trains, you could maybe make very basic models of Desiros (Classes 444 and 450) and/or Wessex Electric (Class 442)!
And if you do Swanage, I'd suggest you put a static Class 33 at the end of the track not by the platform, as it's very often there.
Only real issue is, there's no Optare Olympus/Visionaire, let alone an EvoSeti...


the british omnidekka
Oct 27, 2016
i believe an Olympus/visoniare is being made an evoseti is coming with London and i"m not sure but a regional speck might be made


New Member
Jul 16, 2017
an optare solo (old) will be needed for the route 5 from swanage to Durlston


Youngest of the Nationals
Jun 28, 2018
There's no legal solo for Omsi yet.
I once took an Optare Excel into the suburbs of Poole, to some woods with a lake of some sort.
Just imagine, having a working Optare Excel, a single deck or double deck East Lancs Mylennium, Vyking or even an Optare Spectra!! :eek: