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After recent disagreements and problems I'm having with the site and some members, I have decided it would be best just to leave. I'm sorry it had to come to this, but...
...I just don't feel welcome here anymore, after some major disagreement in private. I'm still going to stick around in the OMSI community, I'm just might not be able to get truly involved. ...
... So I'm going to take my IRL bus captions and go. I don't want to cause anymore trouble and grievance with members of the site. I will be logged out by the end of today.
I'd like to announce I'm making a repaint pack for the ALX400, however, it will be in limbo until I get the regional variant.
hey badger could u make better horn sounds for the alx400 as it just sound the same as the London c400 bus and it annoying
welcome to the bit of the forum that died with the site upgrade: - The status update bit now AKA the bit no one ever checks, barely anyone knows about and where this post will go most likely un-noticed for the next half century
id prefer you to do metro coatlines because one user is creating a livery of every route in the metro lines era, i have quite a few timetables myself and i can give you the time tables for a few years for the 3, including 2006/2008 and 2014- now
That repaint pack post should be taken with a pinch of salt. Yeah, I'll go with that.
can someone please help me I am looking for just 1 file for London south pro the file is this one sceneryoject kreuz_mc\ haltebucht 2 sco please
Your review on the TransBus ALX400 is incorrect. Trident is the chassis. ALX400 is the body. You can get ALX400 bodywork on Volvos, DAF's and this representation which is the Trident 2 chassis.
TransBus (Now Alexander Dennis) manufactured both the chassis and the body in the version provided.
The performance and gearing is spot on. These are Voith gearbox based, your local ones may be ZF geared.